Whiting - Pastis - Fennel by David Toutain

Whiting - Pastis - Fennel by David Toutain

For 4 people


1 whiting of 250g

Olive oil

Peanut oil

1 lemon

1 licorice stick

Flower of salt

1 spoon of salted butter

5g of fresh cream

2 shrimps

2 fennels

4 sprouts of fennel

A few drops of pastis Henri Bardouin



Scale and lift the nets, remove the edges. Cook this poached in a smoke at 60 ° C during 2m30. Let it rest a few minutes and cut each fillet in half lengthwise. Polish with olive oil and season with fleur de sel.

Fennel :

Fennel oil: pick up the top of the fennel (dill), whiten and mix hot with the same amount of peanut oil. Filter and book cool.

Green fennel puree: Separate the green from the white of the fennel. Cook the green with steam and mix with water and a few drops of lemon juice and fleur de sel. Filter.

White fennel puree:

Cook the short white with a liquorice stick and a few drops of pastis. Once cooked remove the stick and mix with a spoon of salted butter. Filter.

Fennel sprouts: wash and glaze them with salted butter and a few drops of pastis.


Shrimp cream: make a shrimp juice, reduce it then add the cream. Mix everything.

© photo : Thai Toutain

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