12 cocktail ideas with Genepi

Cocktails poire, citron vert, myrtille, framboise, orange, vin blanc, whisky … Découvrez les différentes recettes de cocktails au Génépi, en exclusivité sur Distilleries et Domaines de Provence.

Liquor of Génépi: Flower of the Alps

Génépi refers to different species of plants of the family Artemisia, found exclusively in the mountains, especially in the Alps, the Andean Cordillera or even in some mountains of Bolivia. It is almost impossible to find less than 2000 m altitude.

Among the different species of Génépi we find notably the Génépi laineux (the only one to be totally protected in the French Alps), the black Génépi, the Génépi blanc or the Génépi des glaciers (one of the rarest species but among the less fragrant).

Only two species of Génépi, the black Génépi and the white Génépi are aromatic enough to be harvested for the production of liqueurs.

The original recipe of Génépi dates back to the Middle Ages and is the following: "forty strands, forty sugars, forty days", the maceration of forty strands of Genépi for forty days then the addition of forty sugar. It has evolved since then, particularly with regard to maceration techniques, the degree of alcohol or the much lower dose of added sugar (15 to 25 sugars) in order to obtain a softer beverage and with more pronounced Génépi aromas. . Genépi liqueur is traditionally consumed as a digestive, but it can also be incorporated into cocktails.

Cocktails with Génépi: Fruity aromas and freshness of the Alps

The taste of this liqueur is without bitterness, nor astringency and reveals notes of flowers and pollen with a fresh and floral nose. As a result, it goes perfectly with citrus syrups and alcohols (lemon, orange ...). Its fresh and authentic taste also allows it to make excellent cocktails with whiskey. Finally, white wine and red berries also go well with our favorite Alpine liqueur.

Coming straight from the Alps, this digestive is particularly popular in alpine resorts, after a long day of skiing. It gives it toning and digestive virtues and it also opens the appetite.

The Genepi plant is also used as an infusion to treat colds, coughs and other disorders of the respiratory system.

Digestive liquor at 40 °, the Génépi is often used to elaborate "Short drinks" shortcake cocktails (short drinks of 7 to 10 cl), mainly After-dinner (Anglicism for coquetels-digestive, generally consumed after the meal to favor the digestion). Génépi is also an excellent choice for developing sisters (short drinks made with sugar and lemon juice) or Daisies (short drinks preparing for shaking and based on a red fruit juice and lemon juice).

Génépi, liquor of character

The génépi used for the production of our liqueur is the white génépi Artemisia mutellina grown for us in the Hautes Alpes and is composed of syrup of cane sugar and infusion of other aromatic plants.

With its brown robe with golden reflections and its flowery and minty bouquet, Génépi has generated many digestive and other short drinks over the years, among them are:

Joseph Trotta's Blueberry Hill is a frozen Genepy with blueberry juice and raspberry syrup.

Its twin, G & Co is composed of lime juice and cucumber syrup.

In a more gourmet tone, the Genepi Fizz comes straight from Paris' chic bars and mixes Génépi, pure Malt whiskey and Merlet pear cream.

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