64 cocktail ideas with pastis

Sweet, salty, with berries, agrumes, nuts, cordial, beer... Discover the bunch of cocktails based on Pastis, presented only by Distilleries et Domaines de Provence!

Pastis: The Origins

Alcoholic drink flavored with anise and licorice, pastis (which means "mixture" in Provençal). To understand its origins, we must go back in 1915, date of the ban by the state of absinthe and similar drinks in France. In 1922, the state goes back by allowing again the consumption of aniseed drinks whose degree of alcohol is lower than 40 °. A real frenzy takes over Provence where all the bars sell pastis, but it was not until 1932 that the recipe including star anise, anise and liquorice appeared and the word "Pastis" is printed for the first time on a label.

Pastis Cocktails: An infinite world of possibilities and flavors

The pastis, with its aniseed taste provides freshness aromas with a touch of liquorice. Of Marseillaise origin, it is particularly appreciated in summer by the feeling of freshness that it provides but remains opportune in all circumstances.

For its cocktails, pastis goes particularly well with citrus (lemon, orange ...), red fruits (strawberry, raspberry, berries ...), syrups, sparkling water, tonic, mint, whites. eggs ...

Pastis is often used in cocktails called "Long drinks" (cocktail ranging from 12 to 25 cl, categorized as appetizers) including Collins (long drinks based on sugar and liqueur fruits and supplemented with sparkling alcohol) Passion Red Cocktails (long drinks made with red berries (strawberries, raspberries, currants, blueberries ...), lemons, vodka, orange juice and fresh mint.); Eggs Nogs (long hot or cold drinks, preparing with an egg); the Fizzes (long drinks prepared in a shaker with sugar, the juice of a lemon, a basic alcohol and lengthened with soda.) or the Juleps (long drinks made from fresh mint and a basic alcohol prepared in a glass filled with ice.).

Pastis Henri Bardouin: complex and refined pastis

It is not for nothing that Pastis Henri Bardouin is the favorite choice of many renowned bartenders. Therefore, it is the ideal choice to become the masterpiece in the development of your different cocktails, which will delight your guests and surprise the connoisseurs.

It has indeed inspired many cocktails known throughout the hexagon and sometimes even beyond:

Provence Old Fashioned comes from Switzerland, Bardouin Sour! By Valentin Piolatto in Paris, The Southern Wind made in Auckland, New Zealand ... All original creations of great bartenders inspired by the complex and refined touch of 65 plants and spices that make up the pastis Henri Bardouin.

Of irrefutable quality and having a dress and flavors still unmatched, pastis Henri Bardouin has received many gold medals at the General Agricultural Contest and also in international competitions, such as the ISWC.

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